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Why Gotroller?

The Console Experience Wherever, Whenever, However You Play

We love gaming just like you, but like you, we are very busy and don't get as much time as we'd like to game on our consoles.

Always being on the go leaves us with one last option - game on our phones. However, this is uncomfortable and the controls just suck. Especially when it comes to games like COD, Fortnite and PUBG. We are tired of numb hands and just not being fully in control of movement, look and aim.

Our Gotroller is the solution. We put our minds and creativity to work to revolutionise the way you game forever. Bringing a console experience directly to your phone so you can game no matter where you are. Not just that, but with full control just like at home.

It is time to take your game to the next level. Join us and dominate the leaderboards like you deserve!

Special For Pubg Players

No, you will play like normal mobile player. It only shift your controls from screen to controler it doesnt works like emulator controls like the other controlers do.

No need worry about any kind of ban using our controllers because they keep the inside game envirnment fair like a normal game on mobile.

There will be no delay in your key strikes and actions. The instant action will be performed in game for relative key which is being used.

We will recommend to use gyro to control recoil while using these controllers

Yes, they will work super fine and quick for any type of use in game.