Our Guarantees

We are so confident that you will LOVE our Gotroller, that we are giving 3 huge guarantees. Making this a risk free offer!

Don’t You Just Hate The Controls On Mobile?

Don’t you wish mobile gaming controls were less frustrating and more comfortable?

Let’s face it, mobile doesn’t offer great controls and the games are just about playable. We often find ourselves pressing the shoot button when trying to look around or aim.. And we know you do too! On top of this, a phone isn’t exactly comfortable to hold and adjusting your hand position mid-game can be deadly.


Play To Win

Don’t Just Keep Up With The Pros, Become A Pro

Imagine having the competitive edge in EVERY situation. Whether you are aiming with a sniper, in a close combat fight with another player or racing to get to the safe zone.

Dominate the leaderboards and become noticed by other players, with our revolutionary Gotroller. Not only can you finally game in comfort, but you will have greater control allowing you to win games and not just keep up with the pros, but become a pro.

✔ More Control Over Look & Aim.
✔ Game In Comfort With, No More Numb Hands.
✔ Beat Enemies With Better Movement Controls.
✔ Simple & Easy To Setup Via Bluetooth.
✔ Compatible With iOS & Android Devices.
✔ Get The Competitive Edge & Dominate Your Favourite Games.


About Us

Providing Gamers Like You A Better Gaming Experience

The Console Experience Wherever, Whenever, However You Play

We love gaming just like you, but like you, we are very busy and don't get as much time as we'd like to game on our consoles.

Always being on the go leaves us with one last option - game on our phones. However, this is uncomfortable and the controls just suck. Especially when it comes to games like COD, Fortnite and PUBG. We are tired of numb hands and just not being fully in control of movement, look and aim.

Our Gotroller is the solution. We put our minds and creativity to work to revolutionise the way you game forever. Bringing a console experience directly to your phone so you can game no matter where you are. Not just that, but with full control just like at home.

It is time to take your game to the next level. Join us and dominate the leaderboards like you deserve!

The Gotroller In Action