Gotroller Warrior

$39.99 USD $53.99 USD
Color: BLACK

Finally, you can enjoy games on the go with full control and comfort. Start dominating the leaderboards today!

We understand that everyone is busy, spending most of their day at work and having things to do when they get home. When it finally comes around to sitting down and gaming, we are left with just a couple of hours. However, there are always times during the day when we could be gaming.. Lunch breaks, while commuting or even when we have a spare moment here and there. Not to mention holidays and weekends away!

The GoTroller makes gaming possible, no matter where you are. Game with control and in comfort each and every time. A simple setup and Bluetooth connection makes it super easy and usable in everyday situations. With the GoTroller, you can finally enjoy a console experience no matter where you are.

Gain a competitive edge against your enemies and start dominating the leaderboards. You will no longer be keeping up with the pros, you will become a pro! Impress your friends with your gaming ability and get noticed for your skill. You deserve it.

  • Compatible with iOS iPhone 6;7;8;XR;XS;11;PRO /iPad; Android Mobile Phones
  • Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ S10/S10+S20 HUAWEI Mate 20/20/P30 OPPO R17 VIVO X23 X27 
  • Bluetooth Enabled with No Lag
  • Custom key mapping for all of your favourite games
  • Compatible with ALL mobile games
  • Pre-mapped out of the box for top games – Fortnite, Pubg, Call of Duty Mobile
  • Please note don't update your iOS to 13.4, the controller won't work, currently we working on a solution.
  • Not supported IOS 13.4; 13.5 - No refunds
  • Not compatible with Redmi Note Phones
  • Give yourself the competitive edge to win!

GoTroller takes your mobile gaming experience to another level. This super ergonomic controller quickly connects to your phone via Bluetooth and using the custom app, you can map all of the buttons and keys to your preferences.

This is more than just your average controller because it works with every single game available! If you can play it on your phone, you can use the GoTroller Warrior to play it. The Warrior features a striking design with blue lights to immerse you in the gaming experience. Enjoy a smoother experience and see the entire screen while you play.

Play to win with GoTroller!

How to configure your controller for IOS Apple iPad / iPhone:

How to configure your controller for Android devices: