About Us

GoTroller is a revolutionary brand changing the way people play on the go. We all know that mobile gaming is the future, but playing on a touchscreen exclusively takes away from the experience. We’re here to make mobile gaming not just a casual time-killer, but an actually fun and immersive experience.


It starts with our effortlessly reliable and intuitive controllers. They’re made to be as easy and hassle-free to set up, configure, and start playing with. Where others use cheap materials and complicated interfaces, we keep things simple, going above and beyond to make the process a breeze.


GoTroller is not only hardware, but software and services too, being ahead of the curve within every sector of the mobile gaming world. While other controllers are complicated to use and only work with a handful of games, GoTroller works with practically every game imaginable. It doesn’t matter if it’s a side scroller or first person shooter, GoTroller helps you play better.


We offer three different GoTrollers currently, spec’d out for different levels of play. One thing remains certain: GoTroller creates a pure gaming experience like no other. Take your mobile gaming up to a new level with GoTroller!